Easy design anytime, anywhere
Whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or computer, it can give you an excellent design experience on all devices. seapik, a drawing artifact that can be used when typing.
V3.2.0.8 /55.6 MB /2020-12-14
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V2.3.3 / 37MB / 2021-1-26
One ​​account, multi-terminal synchronization
Full support for mainstream operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc., multi-terminal synchronization information, different devices, the same design experience.
Create on the phone
The mobile client provides a variety of templates and rich editing functions, allowing you to record your wonderful inspiration anytime, anywhere without restriction.
Create on the computer
The client loading speed is faster and more stable, providing you with a smoother design experience, allowing you to quickly produce pictures in 1 minute.
Lightweight but powerful design tools, posters, daily sign, Moments cover and even article layout, all in minutes.
seapik applet
No need to download, you can use WeChat scan code instantly, lighter operation experience, and more convenient for drawing.
User reviews
We always listen to users’ voices to encourage ourselves
Special hungry acridine
There are a lot of picture templates in the background, and you can edit and modify them at will. Even if you are a graphic writer, you can control it.
Return to hometown
Is none of you talking about emoticons? I found that seapik can also make emoticons, and there are also small programs. I’m so happy that it doesn’t take up space.
Han Jingyin Base Camp
Seapik’s template is one of my favorite features, with a dazzling array of items, and new templates can be updated in time for every holiday. And picture material...
Combustible green swelling
It’s the photo editor that you first came into contact with. The function is still very powerful. Recently, it seems that some new functions have been added, such as cutout and...< /div>
E-commerce companies most often do banners and product pictures. Seapik has some picture templates that are quite suitable, they seem to be compelling, symbolic...
free Lai Changyi
The seapik platform is very good, the category is very complete, there are all kinds of things you want to search, the single page of the company’s opening promotion and the guest invitation letter are all on seapik...
9 from the beginning of the year
I found out today that seapik can edit gif directly. It is really a work of conscience. Many times I think of you when I don’t want to open ps for drawing...
LA Fujii Tree
Pictures, you have to do this tool well, because of you, I don’t need several thousand dollars a month to ask for graphic design, and gradually I will become more and more proficient... /div>
I didn’t have much time to do new media in school, but Seapik really helped a lot to make pictures without so much effort.
Laughing Yu Mumu
A great website! The templates are very rich, I really like the newly launched GIF! The most important thing is that the development team is very close to the people, I mentioned in the community...
Bun Invasion 93
A very easy-to-use website, which is easy to operate and edit at the same time. Especially for the function of matting, the matting is completed with a few strokes, lighten...
Happy S2 kid
seapik is really a lightweight website editor. It can be used with a browser. There are really many scenes and templates, such as posters and official account headers. Figure...
Make the design easier
Subvert the traditional design mode and open a new era of simple and efficient design
Integration of technology and design
seapik has long-term design accumulation, and the aesthetic gene knows it well, and can grasp design trends and realize the organic combination of design and technology.
Professional reputation
seapik has been deeply involved in the design field for many years and has won recognition from many partners in various industries including the Internet, finance and insurance, industry, and education.
Lighter and more stable
We dig deep in the design field and constantly explore user needs, just to allow users to design faster and the software to use more stable.
Improve sitting efficiency
Based on scenes, AI capabilities, powerful graphics, GIF, video, PPT, H5, WeChat layout editor and 67W+ original design templates, etc., continue to Improve the user’s design efficiency.
V3.2.0.8 /55.6 MB /2020-12-14
Download mobile version
V2.3.3 / 37MB / 2021-1-26