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Seapik's picture color remover is an essential online tool to remove image color. Easily remove color from picture in just a few seconds.
Remove Color of Image Now

Easily Remove Color From Image

Dont's know how to remove a color from an image? Use Seapik's image colour remover to remove a color from an image in just one click. Removing colors has never been easier. Try Seapik's image color remover now to remove one color from image.
Remove Color From Image
Remove Color From Image

Customization Options

Seapik not only helps you remove certain color from image, but also provides customization options to suit your preferences. After removing specific color from image, you can use Seapik's color remover to add the background you want or adjust the transparency, brightness, saturation, etc. to suit your needs.
Remove Color of Image Now

Quality Assurance

Seapik's color remover uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to help you remove color online, ensuring seamless integration of images while ensuring that the quality of the image is not compromised, achieving quality assurance while removing specific color.
Remove Color of Image Now
Remove Color From Image

How to Remove a Certain Color From An Image?

1: Upload an image.
Seapik helps you to delete specific color. First, upload the image to our color remover from photo.
2: Remove image color.
Click "Remove Image Color" button to remove a specific color immediately.
3: Adjust Settings.
If necessary, you can add a new background to the image or adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.
4: Download the image.
If you are satisfied with the image, you can download the image and save it to your device.

Picture Color Remover Q&A:

1. Is Seapik free to use?
2. Is there any limitation on image size or file type?
3. Can I use images for commercial purposes?