Provide me with a recipe, the ingredients include [_ingredients 1_], [_ingredients 2_], [_ingredients..._].
Explain English words [_English words_] and give me [_number_] common sentences.
I am currently working on [_the context and purpose of the report_]. The topic of my report is [_topic_], please provide [_number_] ways to start it, simple enough for [_target audience_] to understand, but attractive enough for them to pay attention.
Write a [_number_] word research report on [_knowledge_], citing the latest research and citing expert opinions in the report.
You are an expert on [_a topic_], please provide [_number_] counterarguments to the following statement [_attach statement_], each with supporting evidence
You are an expert in [_a certain field/a certain topic_], please summarize the following content, and propose a direction for further research on the following content in the future [_attached content_]
You are currently interviewing for [_job_] at [_company_], please share the [_number_] questions that are most frequently asked during interviews at [_job_].