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As a picture shaper, Seapik is a powerful online tool that allows you to easily shape pictures and create the perfect image shape in just a few clicks.
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How to crop images?

Step 1
Upload your image. Select the image you want to crop from your device.
Step 2
Select the shape you want, drag the cropping tool to adjust the size and position of the cropping area.
Step 3
Preview the change effect in real time.
Step 4
Finish and download. Once you are satisfied with the composition,download the shapes images to your device.

Crop Pictures into Shapes with Ease

No technical skills required. Our image shaper with an intuitive interface allows you to easily cut out shape from image online, keeping only the desired part and the shape of the picture. Cropping pictures into custom shapes online and getting image in shape back has never been easier.
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Shape Image

For Everything

Whether you need to resize for social media, adjust the aspect ratio for printing, or optimize the composition, our photo shape editor offers a range of options to meet your needs. Easily get your picture shaped online for any purpose.
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Preserve Quality

With our picture cropper shape, you can keep what you want without worrying about losing quality. Seapik guarantees to crop picture into shapes with high quality! Quickly use our online picture cropper to get high quality picture to get a high-quality shaped picture.
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Any Size

With our photo cropper, you can crop your photo to any desired size and shape. For example, you can put picture in heart shape online free,getting heart crop. Seapik caters to all your needs, use it to change the shape of picture online!
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Picture Shaper FAQs

1. If I accidentally crop too much, can I undo the changes?
2. Does cropping an image affect its quality?
3. Is image cropping compatible with all image formats?
4. How to crop a image?