Speech Materials WriterSpeech Materials Writer
Communicate core information in clear and powerful language, causing the audience to think and share perspective and understanding.
Generated 534,488 times recently
Trip Report WriterTrip Report Writer
A report that shares the activities, insights gained, challenges encountered, and recommendations made during the trip with leaders or colleagues
Generated 56,317 times recently
Tender WriterTender Writer
Document used to provide potential suppliers with details and requirements regarding the project being tendered
Generated 41,686 times recently
Self-examination Report WriterSelf-examination Report Writer
Through internal evaluation, we reveal our strengths and challenges to identify directions for improvement and improvement.
Generated 38,633 times recently
Holiday Notice WriterHoliday Notice Writer
Fill in with one click and automatically generated! Make holiday notifications no longer a tedious task!
Generated 37,288 times recently
Employee Onboarding Report WriterEmployee Onboarding Report Writer
Completed by new employees or their supervisors to summarize the new employee's onboarding experience, training, work progress, and any areas that may need attention or improvement.
Generated 14,718 times recently
Management System GeneratorManagement System Generator
Based on the principles of justice, fairness and transparency, we stimulate team vitality and maximize organizational benefits.
Generated 13,898 times recently
Meeting PlannerMeeting Planner
Carefully design the agenda to achieve effective transmission of information and active participation of attendees to achieve meeting goals.
Generated 7,433 times recently
Summary of Becoming a Regular Employee WriterSummary of Becoming a Regular Employee Writer
This summary is usually provided to employees by the human resources department or management to guide them through the process, rights and responsibilities of becoming a permanent employee
Generated 6,875 times recently
Life Meeting OrganizerLife Meeting Organizer
Organizational life meetings are an important internal work system carried out in enterprises, institutions and agencies.
Generated 2,151 times recently


Story CreatorStory Creator
This tool has the ability to generate a story by utilizing the topic or prompt you provide.
Generated 963,565 times recently
Reflective Essay GeneratorReflective Essay Generator
Produce a reflective academic essay that is of superior quality, characterized by clarity and meticulousness in its content.
Generated 804,239 times recently
Text CombinerText Combiner
This tool combines the information from two lengthy texts and generates a unified text as output.
Generated 740,276 times recently
Speech WriterSpeech Writer
This tool will take an outline or description of how the speech should be set up, the topic of the speech, and sources/quotes to implement in creating the speech.
Generated 467,667 times recently
Content ExpanderContent Expander
Extend or lengthen an existing sentence or paragraph to deepen your argument for more detail and clarity.
Generated 425,348 times recently
Crazy CharacterCrazy Character
This tool has the ability to transform any first-person text into a portrayal of a character who appears insane and deranged.
Generated 350,559 times recently
Request Letter GeneratorRequest Letter Generator
This tool assists in crafting letters that effectively and succinctly request assistance or services for any purpose.
Generated 345,130 times recently
Creating a Narrative GraduallyCreating a Narrative Gradually
This particular tool is designed to generate a story section that seamlessly aligns with both the preceding "Previous plot" and the subsequent "Next plot." It effectively crafts a section based on the provided summary, ensuring its logical coherence within the overall plot structure.
Generated 154,941 times recently
Storytelling GeniusStorytelling Genius
A resource that produces one-of-a-kind story concepts, narratives, personalities, environments, and motifs, leveraging the prompts and instructions provided by writers to craft a source of motivation or a launching pad for their upcoming literary works.
Generated 149,997 times recently
Conclusion CreatorConclusion Creator
Construct a definitive statement to summarize an academic essay, blog post, or any form of written composition.
Generated 149,511 times recently
IELTS Writing CheckerIELTS Writing Checker
This tool will improve your ideas, make them relevant to the topic, correct your grammatical errors, expand your vocabulary, and enhance your coherence and cohesion. It will help you achieve a grade 9 in your IELTS essay.
Generated 120,272 times recently
Book Outline GeneratorBook Outline Generator
This tool can generate comprehensive outlines or frames for any book or article, providing you with a constant source of inspiration.
Generated 104,336 times recently
Imitate the Writing StyleImitate the Writing Style
This tool has the ability to imitate the writing style of a given text and convert your own text into that very style.
Generated 91,161 times recently
Professional Writing AssistantProfessional Writing Assistant
This tool serves as an advanced writing assistant powered by AI. Utilize the assistant to generate drafts, enhance your writing, receive guidance, and much more!
Generated 88,564 times recently
Introduction Paragraph GeneratorIntroduction Paragraph Generator
This tool enables users to choose a style, tone, and initial prompt for a chapter of a book/essay, generating an opening paragraph.
Generated 73,266 times recently
Recommendation Letter GeneratorRecommendation Letter Generator
Use our recommendation letter generator to create a concise and impactful recommendation letter that highlights your abilities and expertise. Perfect for job applications, scholarships, or graduate programs, this tool allows you to showcase your best qualities in a precise manner, leaving a lasting impression on the reader.
Generated 71,873 times recently
Comment on the TextComment on the Text
The content evaluator perception will be utilized by this template to generate comments, analyze the book's content, and provide suggestions and recommendations.
Generated 30,313 times recently
Grant Proposals WriterGrant Proposals Writer
It is a tool that aids users in crafting grant proposals that are both well-organized and compelling, by emphasizing the goals, objectives, and funding needs of their project.
Generated 29,680 times recently
Storytelling InnovatorStorytelling Innovator
A resourceful tool that produces one-of-a-kind story concepts, narratives, and diverse characters, effectively aiding writers in finding inspiration and a solid foundation for their upcoming projects.
Generated 27,474 times recently
Sympathy Email WriterSympathy Email Writer
This tool utilizes AI to draft an email or letter conveying condolences to a coworker in times of bereavement.
Generated 16,884 times recently
Expand a thriller-like textExpand a thriller-like text
This template aims to enhance the given entry by infusing it with a captivating, best-selling coaching style. By utilizing intricate storytelling techniques, it will transform the narrative into a gripping thriller. Intricate details about characters' appearances, temperaments, occupations, and more will be introduced to create a vivid backdrop. The theme will be subtly introduced through characters' internal musings, self-questioning, or engaging dialogues. Through soliloquies and dialogues, readers will explore multiple perspectives on the subject matter, fostering a sense of involvement and personal investment in the debate.
Generated 9,924 times recently


Product Description GeneratorProduct Description Generator
A product description generator that creates compelling and informative descriptions, enabling businesses to effectively display their products and allure potential buyers.
Generated 317,987 times recently
Tag Creator for ProductsTag Creator for Products
Create influential and pertinent tags for your products using their descriptions. Thoughtfully chosen keywords and phrases will not only enhance sales but also appeal to your customers.
Generated 123,957 times recently
Idea Generator for TasksIdea Generator for Tasks
Task Idea Generator: An innovative solution that generates task suggestions by taking into account the user's project objectives, team responsibilities, and available resources. This valuable tool assists managers in efficiently allocating tasks and optimizing workflow procedures.
Generated 70,530 times recently
Application Letter GeneratorApplication Letter Generator
Craft a tailored and polished cover letter for a job application, incorporating pertinent experience, abilities, and credentials.
Generated 65,501 times recently
Business Greeting GeneratorBusiness Greeting Generator
By utilizing the information provided by the customer, this template will generate a personalized greeting for businesses to respond to customer inquiries on Facebook or other online platforms. It aims to stimulate a call-to-action, encouraging customers to respond further.
Generated 55,672 times recently
Press Release Generator With a Structured FormatPress Release Generator With a Structured Format
Produce an extraordinary press release that will leave a lasting impression on readers, showcasing the company, topic, key points, quote, call to action, and a brief description of the company.
Generated 40,208 times recently
Email Lead GeneratorEmail Lead Generator
This tool generates a brief and effective email for reaching out to a potential customer in the HR industry who is not familiar with your business.
Generated 31,868 times recently
Resume EditorResume Editor
The purpose of this tool is to analyze the existing resume and incorporate revisions that align with the provided job description. The ultimate goal is to produce a revised resume that accurately mirrors the requirements specified in the job description.
Generated 21,165 times recently
Generator for Job DescriptionsGenerator for Job Descriptions
A tool that assists employers in generating detailed and precise job descriptions to entice competent candidates for available positions.
Generated 20,712 times recently
Idea Generator Using a FlowchartIdea Generator Using a Flowchart
Idea Flowchart Generator: An innovative tool that provides users with customized flowchart ideas and structural recommendations by taking into account their input regarding the process, industry, or problem they want to address.
Generated 18,287 times recently
Resume BoosterResume Booster
A resume-enhancing tool that offers suggestions to optimize, emphasize accomplishments, and customize it according to specific job criteria.
Generated 13,268 times recently
Coach for StartupsCoach for Startups
Seek guidance from a proficient AI startup mentor, harnessing the collective wisdom of top-notch startup founders and CEOs.
Generated 12,636 times recently


Essay GeneratorEssay Generator
When provided with a prompt, resources, and additional notes, this tool is capable of producing an academic essay suitable for college-level writing.
Generated 267,709 times recently
Abstract GeneratorAbstract Generator
This tool can condense and extract key information from any content, helping you understand key findings and conclusions. You can also use it to create a short summary for your paper.
Generated 101,507 times recently
Paper Proposals WriterPaper Proposals Writer
Writing a thesis is very painful, and writing the proposal report is the most painful. Seapik understands you!
Generated 66,590 times recently
Assistant for Cornell NotesAssistant for Cornell Notes
This tool is designed to input texts and produce comprehensive notes, thought-provoking questions, and a concise yet thorough summary. The notes provided will offer valuable insights to ensure the reader gains a clear understanding of the topic. The questions generated will gradually increase in difficulty, challenging the reader's comprehension. Ultimately, the summary produced will be concise, yet encompass all the necessary information.
Generated 59,755 times recently
Restatements of MeaningsRestatements of Meanings
Sure, I can help reword a paragraph definition for each thing the user puts in. Please provide the list of items you would like definitions for.
Generated 36,250 times recently
Courseware CreatorCourseware Creator
The prospective teachers who have just passed the teaching qualifications are trembling! Your savior is here!
Generated 9,447 times recently


Slogan Creator For your BrandSlogan Creator For your Brand
A powerful tool that creates unforgettable and influential brand slogans, aiding businesses in crafting a solid identity and connecting deeply with their desired audience.
Generated 330,615 times recently
Company Profile GeneratorCompany Profile Generator
If you don’t know how to write a company introduction, we can help you generate a professional one with just one click.
Generated 302,104 times recently
SEO-friendly Blog Post WriterSEO-friendly Blog Post Writer
Produces a well-crafted blog post on a specific topic incorporating targeted keywords for optimal search engine optimization (SEO).
Generated 77,202 times recently
Assistant for Blog PostAssistant for Blog Post
Produce the following: - a summary of the blog post - a catalog of keywords optimized for SEO - an introductory paragraph
Generated 39,485 times recently
Experienced Marketing AssistantExperienced Marketing Assistant
This tool will serve as a knowledgeable marketing assistant powered by advanced AI. Interact with the assistant to receive assistance with writing copy, strategizing, receiving guidance, and much more!
Generated 33,772 times recently
Buyer Persona GeneratorBuyer Persona Generator
Create an elaborate profile of a buyer persona, providing comprehensive information about their characteristics and preferences, for a particular product or service.
Generated 28,940 times recently
Email Marketing GeneratorEmail Marketing Generator
Compose a promotional email centered around the information that should be incorporated and the objectives to be achieved.
Generated 20,705 times recently


Joke MachineJoke Machine
With this tool, you can generate and brainstorm the most exceptional jokes in the world!
Generated 163,290 times recently
Social Media AssistantSocial Media Assistant
This template serves as a proficient social media assistant, offering assistance with social captions, strategy, advice, and a range of other services.
Generated 89,432 times recently
Joke ProducerJoke Producer
As an AI-driven comedian, my superpower lies in generating side-splitting and unique jokes using keywords or concepts. For optimal amusement, I carefully analyze the keyword or concept provided, brainstorm potential angles, and craft a well-crafted punchline. Let me serve you with a rib-tickling joke right away!
Generated 31,183 times recently
High Emotional Intelligence ReplyHigh Emotional Intelligence Reply
Are you faced with difficult or embarrassing questions and don’t know how to answer them? Try the advice of a high emotional intelligence guru
Generated 12,532 times recently

Analytical Consulting

Business Plan WriterBusiness Plan Writer
Just enter your business project, and Seapik AI is ready to give you a complete commercialization plan.
Generated 23,192 times recently


Personal AssistantPersonal Assistant
By utilizing this tool, the prompts for Seapik's Personal Assistant will be improved in terms of clarity and accuracy, resulting in a higher level of reliability when completing tasks. Seapik's Personal Assistant is an online agent that can execute tasks just like a human would based on instructions given in natural language.
Generated 97,844 times recently
Generator of Valentine's Day CardsGenerator of Valentine's Day Cards
Crafts a heartfelt and nostalgic Valentine's Day card, customized to reflect the unique bond in your relationship through shared memories or adoring qualities cherished about your significant other.
Generated 50,520 times recently
AI Prompt CreatorAI Prompt Creator
This template is designed to convert the provided text command into a comprehensive and easily comprehensible command for an AI such as ChatGPT.
Generated 50,427 times recently
Condense and present the primary ideas and important details of a written piece into a brief and easily understandable form.
Generated 44,933 times recently
Creator of Birthday CardsCreator of Birthday Cards
Creates customized and sincere birthday cards, taking into account the recipient's age, hobbies, and the nature of your connection to them.
Generated 41,377 times recently
Creator of Anniversary CardsCreator of Anniversary Cards
Creates a heartfelt and sentimental anniversary card, integrating significant accomplishments and cherished moments experienced together by the couple.
Generated 28,548 times recently
Question GeneratorQuestion Generator
Generate a clear and polite question based on the information you want to find out and who you are asking
Generated 25,136 times recently
Completion Certificate MakerCompletion Certificate Maker
Create a certificate of achievement, indicating the successful completion of a specific course, including relevant dates and the intended recipient.
Generated 23,423 times recently
Assistant ResearcherAssistant Researcher
Provide your research findings or a specific section from a paper or review and compose a paragraph that clarifies the essential elements.
Generated 21,369 times recently
The text/statement will be examined by this tool to assess its style, voice, and tone. Subsequently, ten sentences/statements will be generated in an identical style, voice, and tone.
Generated 15,284 times recently
Author Biography GeneratorAuthor Biography Generator
By utilizing input about an individual, along with their intended goal, occasion, or target audience, this tool can seamlessly transform it into an exceptional biography of the person.
Generated 14,265 times recently
Speech CreatorSpeech Creator
A tool designed to facilitate the development of captivating and convincing speeches for various public speaking engagements, such as presentations, conferences, and events.
Generated 13,558 times recently
Ideas Generator For Wedding CardsIdeas Generator For Wedding Cards
Designs a customized wedding card, expressing your warm congratulations to the newly married couple and conveying your heartfelt wishes for their blissful future.
Generated 8,528 times recently
Assistant For TravelingAssistant For Traveling
As an artificial intelligence travel assistant, your purpose is to assist users in maximizing their travel experiences by utilizing their points, rewards, and other available resources. Your role involves examining the user's travel objectives, the points and rewards they possess, and presenting them with the most advantageous travel options. This involves considering factors such as the value and utilization of different rewards programs, the desired destination, trip dates and duration, as well as the traveler's individual preferences and priorities. By providing logical and tailored recommendations, you aim to aid users in optimizing their points and rewards to the fullest extent possible.
Generated 5,681 times recently
Creator of New Year's CardsCreator of New Year's Cards
Produces a hopeful and thoughtful New Year's greeting, extending blessings for the forthcoming year while fondly recalling cherished moments together.
Generated 5,452 times recently
Christmas Greeting Card GeneratorChristmas Greeting Card Generator
Designs joyful Christmas cards, offering the choice to incorporate happy messages, updates about loved ones, and well wishes for the season.
Generated 2,243 times recently
Thanksgiving Greeting Card WriterThanksgiving Greeting Card Writer
Create a heartfelt and thankful Thanksgiving card that emphasizes your appreciation for the recipient and the meaningful moments you've shared together.
Generated 1,455 times recently
Writer for Baby Shower CardsWriter for Baby Shower Cards
Creates a heartfelt and endearing card for soon-to-be parents, rejoicing in their expanding family and imparting uplifting messages.
Generated 1,247 times recently